Safety production month | Build a strong safety line, we are in action!

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2024-06-30 17:08

June 2024 is the 23rd Safe production Month in China. In order to vigorously promote the concept of safe development and enhance safety awareness, the company's workshops and departments earnestly implement the arrangement and deployment of safe production, closely follow the theme of "everyone speaks safety, everyone will respond to an emergency - smooth passage of life", and take multiple measures to actively carry out a series of safety production training and emergency drills to build a strong safety production barrier.
Deepen safety education and tighten the "safety production string"
In the month of safety production, various departments and workshops use meetings such as morning meetings and special meetings to organize employees to actively participate in safety training, emergency combat drills and other safety education training activities, widely spread safety knowledge and concepts, create a strong atmosphere of attaching importance to safety and protecting safety, and form a strong force of "everyone speaks safety and everyone will respond to emergencies".
Through a series of training, it has greatly improved the ability of each employee to find and solve problems in the process of production safety supervision, and improve the ability to cope with various risks and challenges, laying the foundation for the stable operation of the company's production safety work.

Focus on emergency drills and tighten the "safety production valve"
During the safety production month, the workshops actively organized emergency drills, respectively carried out fire drills, electric shock accident emergency rescue drills, etc., to further improve the safety production emergency capacity, to provide security for the company's production safety.

Strengthen installation inspection, build a strong "safety production line"
We will strengthen production safety inspections and strictly prevent all types of production safety accidents. The working system, record ledger, emergency plan and other materials were checked item by item, and the use of fire fighting facilities and whether there are dangerous sources were comprehensively inspected; Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the production site to ensure that there are no dead corners and no problems for safety hazards.

Safety production work is always on the road, the company requires the production workshop, the warehouse management, the office always put safety production in the first place, combined with the characteristics of supervision in their respective fields, strictly carry out risk analysis and judgment, strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the safety of facilities and equipment operation, strictly implement the job responsibility system, so as to prevent problems gradually, constantly unremitting. Resolutely prevent all kinds of production safety accidents from the source. It is necessary to firmly establish a red line awareness and bottom line thinking, always tighten the string of production safety, constantly improve the production safety management mechanism, and fully implement the main responsibility of enterprise production safety.

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