The list of specialized, refined, characteristic and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in Shandong Province for the year 2024 is publicized, and Dexin Cashmere is on the list.

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2024-06-30 17:03

The list of specialized, sophisticated, distinctive and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises of Shandong Province for the year 2024 has been publicized, and Dashing  Cashmere has been included. Shandong Dashing Cashmere Technology Co., Ltd. is also a specialized, sophisticated, distinctive and innovative enterprise certified by the China National Textile and Apparel Council, a high-quality apparel supply chain enterprise in China, and an innovative small and medium-sized enterprise in Shandong Province. It has successively won multiple awards such as the Best Technological Innovation Award and the Best Artistic Design Award from the China Wool Textile Association, as well as the original design award for materials and accessories, the market application recommended product award, the fashionable shortlisted product award, the multi-functional recommended product award, the healthcare recommended product award, etc. The company has built research and development innovation platforms such as the Technology Center of Shandong Province and the One Enterprise One Technology Research Center of Dezhou City. It is equipped with advanced production equipment, perfect detection methods, a sound and effective quality guarantee system, and has established a modern management model. It has taken the lead in the industry in obtaining various certifications such as OEKO-TEX STANDARD100, GOTS, OCS, RWS, GRS, SFA, RAS, HIGG FEM, etc. As an advocate and leader in the semi-worsted spinning industry, it participated in the formulation of the industry standard for "Semi-worsted Woven Yarn of Wool", and possesses 12 technical certifications and 7 software copyrights.

Over the years, the company has focused on the core business of semi-worsted spinning, with strong professional production capacity, product refinement, production and management characteristics, and pay attention to continuous innovation. Dexin people have always adhered to the goal concept of "superior production supplier of velvet yarn", continued to take the innovative development road of specialization, refinement and specificity, and constantly dedicated innovative products to users.

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