Positioning in the middle and high-end, insisting on differentiation, making yarn for fine fabrics stronger

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2024-06-30 16:56

Semi-worsted to this day, like a parabola of decline. How to find out their own advantages and accurately locate the core products is the problem faced by every enterprise.

Looking back at the development of Dashing, silk mixed yarn has been our business card, subdivided raw materials, stable process, production experience in the case of stable products, recognized by domestic and international brands.

At present, silk blend products have also been developed from knitting to weaving, such as the continuous production of silk camel wool series for many years, 2/120-200NM silk cashmere series. In addition, the application of high yarn wool and wool blend products in circular fabric is also more and more widely, such as 2/85NM 100% superfine wool (13.5um), which is called golden wool in the industry; Developed for a brand 1/70NM 50% polyester 50% wool (shirt fabric) and so on.

 We uphold the pioneering spirit that I have something nobody has, I have better thing nobody has, I have best thing nobody has, relying on stable management, control details, accumulated over time, master the application of all kinds of fabrics and yarns, formed their own differentiated products.

The market is very large, Dashing company will continue to maintain the spirit of innovation and differentiation awareness, explore the application of yarn in various fields, positioning middle and high end, developing towards high count, high precision and high density products.

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