Develop toward high precision, high expenditure, and high-end differentiation

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2023-12-08 11:48

Develop toward high precision, high expenditure, and high-end differentiation

Shandong Dexin Technology Co., Ltd. is a private joint-stock enterprise that has been established for more than 20 years. It has now formed a comprehensive service platform integrating semi-worsted, worsted and fancy yarns, with an annual output of more than 2,000 tons of yarn. In recent years, the industry situation has been sluggish and there is a surplus of domestic textiles. How to continue to make product upgrades and breakthroughs to ensure the competitiveness of Dashing cashmere in the industry? In response to domestic orders and the current situation of the company, the following work needs to be done.

Outstanding product quality and precision

After the epidemic, people's pursuits have become more practical, casual, and rational. Commuting clothing that is easy to care for and machine washable is deeply loved by everyone. The pursuit of high-quality products is the need of the times. High and fine describe the fineness of the fabric, expressing a sense of quality and luxury. Only good yarns that match it can reflect its true characteristics. Different from the current production characteristics of leading companies in the textile industry, velvet products are our Dashing’s business card products, and high-end worsted velvet, silk wool and other silk blended products will lead our Dashing to a higher level. At present, there are not many domestic companies that are well-prepared for worsted silk blended products, and first-tier and above brands have some demand in this regard. For good velvet, look for Dashing. Building a superior domestic velvet yarn production supplier is our sales goal and direction.

Develop towards high-end

As we all know, the difficulty of high branch representation reflects the management level. There is a certain amount of yarn used in scarves, shirts, and fabrics. Compensating for the shortcomings of worsted spinning and improving the advantages of semi-worsted spinning are the new upgrade directions and challenges of semi-worsted spinning. When I recently communicated with customers, I felt that high cost is what differentiates the company's products, but of course it is also very difficult. High production efficiency is low, but there are less frequent process changes, which stabilizes employment; the more stable people are, the more practice makes perfect, and the more quality in this area can be guaranteed. Single yarn and high count will also be Dashing’s differentiated products.

Segment the high-end differentiated market and discover and explore new tracks

Originally, sweaters used yarn as the main body, but in recent years, the yarn used in fabrics has increased. The follow-up direction is to further expand the market share of fabrics and continuously enrich the customer groups of circular knitting machines and woven fabrics; we must also identify our own customer groups in the fields of shirts, scarves, and accessories, and develop differentiated products in conjunction with star companies. products, and develop and stabilize this part of the market share. In this way, our yarn customer base covers sweaters, fabrics, scarves, accessories and other fields, and our ability to resist risks can be greatly improved.

Looking back on Dashing 20 years of development, it depends on the team's fearless spirit of overcoming difficulties and invincibility. believe that under the correct leadership of Mr. Cui and with the efforts of the majority of cadres and employees, we will surely open up a higher and newer era. New Age Era!

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