Report on the Dashing Cashmere Workers Operation Sports Meeting

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2024-03-14 08:59

The annual eagerly anticipated and exciting operational movement kicked off as scheduled in November 2023 and successfully concluded in late January 2024. After more than two months of hard work and sweat, all participating athletes, coaches, and referees have selected 36 first prizes, 10 second prizes, 8 third prizes, and 39 progress prizes. The achievements are commendable!

The operational sports meet, as the name suggests, is a sports meeting where operational skills are the main competition content. Improve the operational skills, teamwork ability, and overall quality of participants through competitions. Through competitions, the enthusiasm of employees to learn and practice skills has been stimulated, thereby improving the skill level of the entire team or enterprise. At the same time, the operational sports meet also helps to select and cultivate skilled talents, making contributions to the development of enterprises and society.

In this competition, we have set up four participating departments: dyeing workshop, semi fine spinning workshop, and power department. The entire process and all frontline employees participate in the competition. The competition project is closely related to the actual work content, and the design of the project takes into account both the display of skill level and the practicality of practical operation. The competition rules include competition time, scoring standards, cleanliness, safety requirements, and other aspects. The scoring criteria will be comprehensively evaluated in terms of skill level, completion time, work quality, team collaboration, and other aspects.

In the competition, the contestants fully demonstrated their superb skills and good spiritual demeanor, showcasing their style, level, and friendship. This is a major review and test of the technical operation level of all employees. Through the sports meet, it will undoubtedly ignite a labor frenzy of mass comparison, learning, catching up, helping, and surpassing in learning technology and business throughout the company. At the same time, it also allows us to discover more skilled talents, which have a positive driving effect on improving overall management level and promoting enterprise development.

Looking back, we have achieved gratifying results; Looking ahead to the future, we have a long way to go. We need to integrate the spirit of hard work and teamwork demonstrated at the sports meet into our daily work, continuously improve our own quality, and contribute our own strength to the development of the company. Let's work together and weave a beautiful tomorrow for Dashing!

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