The 2024 SPINEXPO and Yarnexpo Shanghai Spring/Summer Yarn Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion

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2024-03-25 22:20

From March 5 to March 8, 2024, two exhibitions of China's top textile yarn were held as scheduled. A total of 23 people from the DASHING company's Marketing Department, R & D department and production Department participated in the two exhibitions at the same time.

According to the characteristics of the two exhibitions, we are divided into two teams to participate in the exhibition with purpose, division of labor and plan. The special decoration style of these two exhibitions: transparent, concise and clear, including the 90 square Pudong exhibition and the 60 square Hongqiao exhibition, is a beautiful landscape.Each exhibition is divided into five sections and plays its own role.

Fashion Fabric Display Area

We combine 10 groups of differentiated stock yarns and 2025SS popular yarns, and combine four ideas: conceptual, fashionable, popular and basic, and horizontal and vertical design in line with the trend of organization pattern,in order to present a visual feast, for those who like differentiated cashmere and silk yarns.

Model Display Area

The color of the sample is in line with the 2025 fashion trend.

The style follows the trend of the T-stage show.

Yarn material conforms to the company's differentiation policy.

Give the audience a fresh feeling, visual impact.

Basic Sample Clothing Exhibition Area

This exhibition area is more popular and meets the needs of e-commerce and brands. Participants have a more direct experience,through the area of ample clothing.

Large Card Display Area

Designers, buyers through a more intuitive experience with different stitch, tissue pattern of a group of characteristics of yarn,provide them with inspiration for development and design.

Negotiating Table Exhibition Area

Through the above 4 exhibition areas, friends who like in-depth cooperation,learn more about our popular varieties in stock, total card, more in-depth discussion, exchange yarn application scenarios.When developing, how to integrate into the customer's brand positioning, promote strengths and avoid weaknesses.

The leaders and colleagues of the R&D department and production Department worked hard and shuttled through the two exhibitions to actively obtain the seminar topics, raw materials and new technologies that they needed.

Through the short 5-day charging learning, bring unlimited inspiration for the follow-up work.

The customer management and production colleagues who participated in the exhibition for the first time actively integrated into the exhibition atmosphere and were very invested in every detail of the exhibition. Through the short study of 4 days, they have a clearer understanding of the positioning of DASHING COMPANY in the same industry.

The four colleagues who broadcast online made full use of the exhibition space and broadcasted live, their voices were hoarse and their legs were sore, but the results brought by the live broadcast made them forget the fatigue. Make videos on the spot to publicize the culture and products of company in time, and spread the company appearance quickly through the media platform.

 The colleagues who participated in the exhibition obtained the knowledge that they needed, and the short four-day meeting made everyone more convinced of the potential and market competitiveness of the DASHING company's differentiated yarn. Breathe together and share the fate, we basically achieve the purpose of the exhibition: efficient, high-quality and safe .

Looking forward to the next exhibition, we have a more wonderful show.

Thank you for your recognition and support!

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