Wang Guiying,the Vice Governor of Shandong Province led a team to our company to investigate and supervise the operation of the industrial economy.

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2024-04-03 17:01

Recently,Wang Guiying,the Vice Governor of Shandong Province, led a team to our company to investigate and supervise the operation of the industrial economy.Chen Xiaoqiang,the Vice Mayor of Dezhou, and Su Lanwu, the Secretary of the Yucheng Municipal Party Committee,attended the event. Cui Jian,the Chairman and General Manager of the company,accompanied them to visit the company and gave a work report.

As the leader of the textile industry chain, Vice Governor Wang inspected the production workshop in the spot and understood the production situation. After visiting the physical yarns, sample dress and cloth samples, she showed great interest in our company's differentiated topped products of the semi-worsted and fancy yarn products, and highly appreciated our company's differentiated development route.

Subsequently,She understood the situation of technological innovation, product development and production management in detail, and kindly inquired if there were any problems or difficulties that  government could solve.She highly appreciated our company's economic development,and at the same time, she asked that we should firmly grasp the initiative of high-quality development, seize policy opportunities,strengthen innovation-driven and strive to develop new quality productive forces to ensure that the first quarter of development starts well and steadily.

Chairman Cui Jian stated that we would definitely do well in our principal work and seize opportunities and the market. With the strong support of the Municipal Party Committee and Government,we would do a good job in producing high-end differentiated woolen yarn products across all categories, drive the higher and faster development of the high-end textile market, and make more contributions to the development of this city.

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