Highlights of the 28th Shenzhen Supply Chain Expo

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2024-04-23 14:02

During April 10 to 12 in 2024,twelve people from R&D Department,network Marketing Department, Market development Department and Marketing Department attended the 28th Shenzhen Supply Chain Expo.

From 3:00pm to 4:00pm on April 10,the organizer held a round table meeting.And Fu Chunxing, the director of spot market of Dashing Company, participated as one of the guests, and expressed his views on the market situation forecast, the field of clothing,life and leisure, environmental protection and sustainability in2024 and other topics, which was well received by the supply chain friends present.

At 4:30pm on April 10, the organizer's Department of Public Information went to the booth for an interview, they interviewed key promoted new products and market positioning of Dashing Company in this exhibition. And Zhao Lifang, the director of domestic customized marketing, gave a systematic explanation.

On the evening of April 10, in the appreciation dinner held by the organizers, the exhibitors were respectively commended for their characteristics and market influence, and Dashing won the 2024FS "Outstanding Innovation Award".

On the afternoon of April 11, two colleagues of the network Marketing Department actively anchored the scene. The differentiated hand-woven yarn of Dashing is sought after by fans, and the sales results are good on that afternoon. A local fan made a special trip to interact at the booth, help the live broadcast to improve effect and persuasiveness.

Song Jie and Xu Xiuxiu, two new colleagues who participated in the exhibition for the first time, actively integrated into the reception of new customers in the exhibition. When the business manager received customers, they stood aside to listen to the introduction, and asked the business manager in time if they did not understand.  

In the short three days, more supply chain friends are familiar with the Dashing brand and market positioning of differentiated products.We are looking forward to gain better grades at the Shenzhen Supply Chain Expo in Autumn and Winter.

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