Continuing to Write a New Chapter of "Dashing Style"

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2024-04-23 14:15

The pursuit and growth of a person, the progress and development of an enterprise, all need to have culture as support. Dashing Company was established in 2003, "Dashing Style" as the internal publication of Dashing company, founded in 2004, so far 20 years, a total of 237 issues, is the condensed cultural products of company in the stage of gradual development . For two decades, this has been our common home and a platform for sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas. Here, we take employees to deeply understand the development dynamics of the enterprise, dig the connotation of corporate culture, show the style of employees, and discuss the hot topics in the forefront of the industry.

The company strives to make the internal journal a readable, thoughtful and inspiring publication that every reader can gain benefit. Listen attentively to the voice of employees, pay attention to the growth of enterprises, and sincerely hope and make the greatest efforts to make "Dashing Style" into a newspaper that employees like and everyone is satisfied with. It can really play a bridge role in connecting the enterprise inside and outside, promoting the company's entrepreneurial spirit, demonstrating the company's development achievements, and jumping the corporate image. Become the newspaper can confide the heart of the Dashing people, express the courage of the Dashing people, record the achievements of the Dashing people,and make contribute to the development of enterprise.

The past year has been an important milestone in the development of our company, during which we have experienced many challenges and opportunities together. With the joint efforts of all employees, the company has achieved impressive results,steadily improved the product quality, continuously improved production efficiency,and enhanced market competitiveness. The achievement of these achievements cannot be separated from the hard work and the support and attention of every employee to the factory.

In the New Year, "Dashing Style" continues to write a new chapter, face the future, and constantly innovate.It has high starting point, high taste, high quality and excellent products, become an important platform to shape the excellent culture of Dashing.It transmit the company's policies and guidelines, publicize the culture of the enterprise, show the style of employees, inject new vitality for the development of Dashing, and make our factory newspaper better.Let us work and strive together to achieve a better future of Dashing!

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