Decipherment of differentiated yarn of Dashing Cashmere Company

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2024-05-09 22:15


Dashing company this year original development Q-bomb wool, Cashsilk two groups of spot yarn, is the representative of differentiated yarn. Conventional raw materials show different styles of products through different spinning processes, which adds beauty elements to knitted apparel design.


The development of yarns of different spinning forms, combining the existing resources, horizontal development and integrating the strengths of hundreds of families, needs to know the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of yarn before development, which must be the development concept of maximizing advantages and avoiding disadvantages. The re-development of finished yarn, which is currently the most common form of extended development, and gold and silver wire, bead piercing, or processing loop yarn, ribbon yarn and so on.


  In the next few years, the differential yarn will be a clean stream, which is related to the large market environment and economic environment. As a part of the textile supply chain, yarn is the foundation, and development can have fun only when you understand yarn.

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